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COVID-19 Day #70 Update

We continue to be Coronavirus free for both staff and residents! Weekly reporting to the CDC/NHSH Covid-19 module is required. South Carolina DHEC has issued universal testing guidelines for nursing homes therefore we will test all residents and staff upon the guidelines issued... This testing will be done in 3 phases throughout the state. Staff and residents will be notified in-house. Authorized representatives will be notified by their recent choice of either email, telephone, or postal service..... Please be reminded that this information will be conveyed to the authorized representative!

Please remember that you are welcome to visit outside resident window and we do have iPad capability to visit, which families have been please call the front office staff and set up a time you would like to FaceTime or video chat with your loved one..

OR send a card
PO Box 1570
Ridgeland, SC 29936

Please call if you have any questions!

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