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COVID-19 Day #48 Update


April 25th – Day #48 Update
No reports of presumptive positives or confirmed for residents or staff

Social media connection via Facebook is available Monday – Sunday between 10A-4. Please notify the front office staff to set up a time to engage with your family

In an on-going effort to keep updates timely, emails were obtained from Responsible Party to assist us in a mass notification system to ensure family members are informed. Direct telephone calls and/or mass texts will continue where emails are unavailable. If there are any concerns with this communication process, please notify Kathy Hogsett, SSD at 843-726-5581 ext: 118 or via email at

We would like to give a big “shout out” to our community for all the prayers bestowed upon us during the time. Knowing this provides us the daily encouragement to “fight” this Coronavirus pandemic for both our residents and staff. Our community partners have provided meals and snacks, outdoors decorations/flowers, crafts, games, art supplies as well as other fun activities. We are thankful and grateful.

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