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So Mom is in her mid nineties and needs more than we can provide or an independent care facility can offer, what do you do? Obviously an "assisted living facility" is the answer but which one? We spoke to several individuals and checked out other sources of info and chose Ridgeland Nursing Center (RNC) for Mom. The facility is clean, no lingering odors and the staff is wonderful- you can see a "genuine" sense that they "care" for each resident. Communication is very good and if something is not quite right they call me to discuss the situation- never any surprises. At RNC it's all about resident care and we are very pleased with the care my mother has received over the past 5 years. Oh, did I say my Mother will be 102 years old in October?
Resident's Son
I truly don't know where to start when I want to say how thankful I am for Ridgeland Nursing Center and their staff. In February we decided we could no longer care for our Momma at home. She needed 24 hour care that we were unable to give her. I went to the nursing home, knowing it was the last thing I ever wanted to do, but knew it was time. The first day I stepped foot in the front door crying for help, they were there with open arms. They have been amazing from day one. I thought my Momma would have been the last person ever that would have went there and been content. When I call her and she says, they do anything she ask them to do for her, they fix her anything she wants to eat, and more amazingly, she played Bingo. When I go to the window to see her, and no one even knows I'm there, sometimes I see them brushing her hair, putting lotion on her or sitting there with the utmost patience feeding someone who is unable to feed themselves. They call me and keep me informed of everything that goes on with her, if it's 7am or 11pm. I could go on and on, but there aren't enough words to say how thankful I am for each and every employee there. During this COVID pandemic, they are truly my heroes.
Daughter of Resident